Entrevista a Dr. Terry Hannan: “Programa de Informática Biomédica prepara a jóvenes con estándares internacionales”

Entrevista a Dr. Terry Hannan: “Programa de Informática Biomédica prepara a jóvenes con estándares internacionales”

Hace ya 4 años que se realiza en la Escuela de Salud de Duoc UC, la jornada internacional de Informática Biomédica, dirigida a profesionales y especialmente a sus alumnos y titulados que están en la industria. El objetivo de  este gran evento es poder invitar a líderes mundiales de la disciplina y así conocer una mirada internacional del avance de la informática en salud. Este 2015 la Escuela tuvo el privilegio de contar con la visita del Dr. Terry Hannan, Médico especialista en medicina Interna e Informática Médica, Past President del Australian College of Health Informatics y profesor visitante de la Facultad de Medicina de la Pontificia  Universidad Católica de Chile.

En la siguiente entrevista el Dr. Hannan comparte y agradece el trabajo realizado con el staff y alumnos de la Escuela de Salud, el conocimiento práctico y rigor académico con el que la Carrera de Informática Biomédica  prepara a futuros profesionales, y finalmente acerca de su experiencia en la 4ta Jornada Internacional - cuya agenda fue relevante para el campo de la informática de la salud a nivel mundial. Posicionando a la Escuela como líder del programa más extenso globalmente de recursos humanos para esta industria.

My first comment is to state clearly what a great privilege it has been to work with the staff and students at Duoc UC and its various campuses.

The second point is that my professional linkages with Duoc UC occurred because of several coincidences and my existing professional working relationship with A/Professor Daniel Capurro at the Universidad Católica, who encouraged my interactions with Duoc UC. Also there were coincidental on site visits by international professional colleagues with whom I have worked with for many years. These were Dr Kendall Ho from Cánada and Dr Evelyn Hovenga of Australia.

Special acknowledgement to recognise their support and involvement needs to be given to the following because without their collaboration the successes achieved in these working relationships and conferences would not have been possible. Their collaborative efforts were outstanding.

At Duoc Health School

  • Dr Jorge González

At Duoc San Joaquín

  • Eduardo Barrazza

At Duoc Valparaiso

  • Christian Huiriqueo
  • Prof Darwin Morales
  • Prof Isabel Alvarado

At Duoc Concepción

  • Director Sandra Kaschel and her Team

All the logistics and resources allocation was organised by Dra. Carol Hullin. The binding force that brought us all together was Dr Carol Hullin and her professional working relationships with the the Duoc UC staff (San Joaquin). She has strong academic associations with many international persons and to Australia where she obtained her PhD. She is a great ambassador of our country: Australia

How would you report your visit to our country, especially your visit to ourSchool of Health?

My professional impressions and experiences were very positive. There is a significant depth practical knowledge and academic rigour in the school of health and the educational program of Biomedical Informatics.

In addition to the practical knowledge base there is a strong experiential base of experience in some individuals such as Dr Carol Hullin & Eduardo Barazza

Eduardo Barazza’s practical experiences with the OpenMRS project in the Dominican Republic is a very valuable resource for the curriculum in DUOC-UC. The OpenMRS system is the largest eHealth (Electronic Health Record) project in the world with dynamic online development and implementers support groups [openMRS Talk]. All the students of the Biomedical Informatics program got access to global knowledge and up to date.

What was your impression on the 4th International Informatics Biomedical Symposium?

The 2 day series of meetings in Valparaiso and Concepción emphasised the high level of professionalism within the DUOC-UC campuses. All members of the school of health worked very well as a national team

The agenda and organisation of the meetings were of a very high standard and all the topics should be shared  with students, teachers and collaborators.

The infrastructure: the auditorium and audiovisual resources meet the standards expected for international meetings when conducting these types of conferences.

The conference agenda was very relevant to the field of biomedical informatics and health informatics at the global level.

On your view, how are we preparing the future informatics biomedical professionals at the DUOC UC Health School?

During the time I spent in Duoc UC I have a clear impression that the school has developed the right framework for educating students in biomedical informatics, using international academic standards for this type of program.

Some of the students exhibited a good understanding of this academic discipline and a strong desire to learn. This should be facilitated (see answers to Q4.)

Are these future professionals prepared to meet the international standard requirements?

This is a very good question because you are addressing the status of where DUOC-UC fits into the existing academic field of biomedical informatics. As our discipline needs implementation specialists and this program achieves this.

My recommendations as visiting professor to UC and an invited speaker to the school of health Duoc UC, include:

  • It should establish a strong collaboration between biomedical curriculum (in development) at the UC with Duoc UC. This will provide and create a bilateral sharing of knowledge and experiences which should benefit for the human capital of biomedical informatics of the country.
  • Dra. Hullin was able to enlist the services of Ms Mary Suchodolsky who undertook English conversational sessions with Duoc UC staff members. The enhancement of spoken and written English skills will facilitate your institutions exposure and competencies on the international biomedical informatics stages and in publications.
  • During my visit I have already recommended and set up international associations for the Duoc staff and students with the online OpenMRS Talk website and GHDonline. One of your gifted new teacher’s and graduates Daniel Cifuentes now has established professional linkages with the above web sites and is undertaking a collaborative educative exercise with a world expert on OpenMRS in Uganda, Mr Daniel Kayiwa.

Could you send an encouragement message to our future professionals.

It is a pleasure to write words of encouragement for your Duoc UC teachers and students.One of the obvious features of your campus is the high level of biomedical informatics knowledge in the educators. Another point to make is that the faculty has engendered a high degree of enthusiasm for learning and all efforts should be made to reinforce this.

María Paz Fernández (Periodista y colaboradora de la Escuela de Salud de Duoc UC) 

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